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Featured Contractor: Anything Wet

Featured Contractor: Anything Wet

Russell Owen is the founder of Anything Wet, and is ready to build you a pond or water feature that exceeds expectations. 

Why? Because nothing makes him happier, than when people gaze out into their gardens or across their living rooms and see a water feature they adore. The beauty and tranquillity of your own relaxing water feature is something everyone should experience.

Anything Wet is based on the NSW Central Coast. However, his team service the Central Coast, Newcastle and Sydney on a regular basis, and can travel nationwide if you have an interesting project.

Anything Wet have a long history of expertise in ponds, aquariums, and water features that you can count on and have been doing this successfully every day since 2004, so they know what they're talking about! Russell and his team have years of experience and expertise creating beautiful ponds and happy customers.

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