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Caring for your pond during the summer

Caring for your pond during the summer

With the temperature heating up, you might be wondering how to best keep your pond looking its best during the warmer months. One beautiful benefit of having a pond in your garden is the tranquil socialising space it provides, and school holidays and longer daylight hours can mean this happens more often.

In today’s blog, we take a look at five tips for caring for your pond during the warm summer months. Read on to find out more!

Cut back any dying vegetation

Dead vegetation and summer ponds don’t make a good combination. If left unattended, leaves can fall into your pond and break down in the water. Too much organic matter can be bad news to fish, can clog up filtration systems, and can make your stunning pond look messy. To combat this, be sure to trim back any dying or shedding plants before they have a chance to get into the water.

Increase water aeration

If you are lucky enough to have fish friends in your pond, be sure to keep an eye on them during the summer months. During the summertime, fish need more oxygen, but in a cruel twist of fate, warm water can’t carry as much oxygen. As such, summer can be a difficult time for your fish if you don’t plan accordingly. Those that don’t already have a pump should invest in one for the summer, particularly if you are caring for fish, as this can help bring more oxygen into the water.

Provide shade 

If you haven’t already, plant shady, low-shedding plants around your pond to lessen the amount of sun it is exposed to. In the summer, keeping your pond as cool as possible should be a high priority, and one way to do so is by providing shade. If plants seem like a little bit too much effort and maintenance, consider purchasing a shade umbrella that you can simply take down when the weather cools.

Motion of the ocean (pond)

During the summer, you might notice that your pond water becomes more segmented. This happens due to different oxygen levels within the water. To combat this, increase the movement of your pond water. This can be done by adding a fountain, waterfall, or other feature that circulates the water.

Top up your pond, accordingly 

Hot weather can cause water evaporation, so it’s a good idea to monitor your pond’s water levels throughout the season and top it up with treated water. It’s important to detoxify your new water to ensure it is safe for the plants and fish that already call your pond home.

So, there you have it, five simple tips for keeping your pond at its best during the summer months. One big part about summer pond care is keeping water shaded, aerated, and moving. For more advice and seasonal care tips, check out our pond owner’s manual, and if you’re interested, take a look at our range of aeration, water features, and pumps.

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