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Beautiful Ponds & Waterfalls for Backyard Living

Beautiful Ponds & Waterfalls for Backyard Living

More and more people are sprucing up their backyards to create outdoor living environments where they can relax, de-stress, and entertain friends and family. Here we showcase the work of our Certified Aquascape Contractors from across the country.

Cascading waterfall and Ecosystem Pond built by NatureBuild in Victoria

Beautiful nighttime waterfall setting with Decorative Patio Pond in NSW, by Visionary Waterscapes

An Australian bush setting in Perth for this large Ecosystem Pond by Think Green Landscapes & Waterscapes

This lovely little off the deck pond has been built by Bells Watergardens of Newlyn North, Victoria

A view of the stream beyond the hardwood bridge in a Japanese garden setting in Victoria by Ben Harris Gardens  

This amazing Recreation Pond is perfect for it's tropical Far North Queensland location. Built by Waterscapes Australia

A stunning Crystal Clear Aquascape Ecosystem Pond with a Decorative Spillway Bowl in NSW by Anything Wet

You can see the wide variety available for your very own landscape! Water features come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Whether you choose a small fountain or an expansive pond and waterfall, the options are limitless and each one is unique

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