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Backyard Ideas Australia: Beat the Heat this Summer

Backyard Ideas Australia: Beat the Heat this Summer

We all know what summer means in Australia: heat, and lots of it. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to turn your backyard into a summer oasis with cooling ponds, waterfalls, streams and other water features. If you’re looking for backyard ideas Australia, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Ponds & Water Gardens

Ponds and water gardens are two fantastic Aussie backyard ideas for staying cool in summer. A pond will instantly become the focal point of your outdoor living and entertaining. It’s also great for cooling off by dipping your feet in the water. We also recommend planting some shade trees nearby to provide that extra touch of privacy and tranquillity.

You can customise your pond or water garden in a variety of ways. The Aquascape Ecosystem pond is one of the best, thanks to minimal maintenance. Plants and fish are a great way to add some colour and life to your water garden. How about adding a deck for you to sit and enjoy the serenity?

Learn more about installing ponds and water gardens with Aquascape.

2. Pondless Waterfalls & Streams 


Don’t have the backyard space for a pond? Pondless waterfalls and streams are great backyard landscaping ideas in Australia for anyone with a small backyard. It’s one of the most sought-after landscape water features. Why? Waterfalls and streams are low maintenance, energy efficient, attract wildlife and are beautiful.

You can tailor your pondless waterfall or stream to your specific desires. Sit back and relax to the sound of a babbling brook or a steep cascade. These systems also have a simple, environmentally sustainable recirculating water flow that doesn’t waste precious resources. It’s also pretty easy to  build your own pondless waterfall if you have the time.

Learn more about installing pondless waterfalls and streams with Aquascape.

3. Patio Ponds


Patio ponds are perfect for smaller residences that don’t have much grassy space or are missing a backyard altogether. These are so easy to instal. All you need is a  patio pond water bowl and a variety of aquatic plants.

Want to enjoy the relaxing sounds of a water fountain? You can add a small bamboo fountain to your patio pond for a soothing ambience. We also recommend adding a couple of small fish or flowering plants for some extra colour. Patio ponds come in a variety of sizes, colours and styles, so they’re perfect for almost any sized balcony or patio.

Learn more about installing patio ponds with Aquascape.


4. Recreation Ponds


When it comes to backyard ideas in Australia for beating the heat, recreation ponds are one of the best. These are becoming more and more popular in Australia. Many Australians with large backyards are actually opting for recreation ponds over traditional pools.

Recreation ponds offer a variety of benefits that you won’t get with a pool. These include:

  • Fresh water that’s crystal clear and chlorine free
  • Low maintenance and running costs
  • Helps to cool and fireproof your home
  • Offers snorkelling and swimming
  • Supports local wildlife
  • Becomes a perennial aquatic garden
  • Becomes a beautiful garden feature in winter

A recreation pond is essentially your own outdoor aquarium. You can fill it with a variety of fish and plants, which provide enthralling snorkelling during summer. Thanks to pond liners like  Firestone EPDM, you can also custom-make your ideal recreation pond. Add a small beach, include large rocks for diving or instal some bench seats for sitting comfortably in the water while reading a book – the choice is yours to make.

Learn more about installing recreation ponds with Aquascape.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas in Australia

Want to discover some new ideas for your backyard this summer? Contact Aquascape Australia for expert pond designers and builders and a range of pond equipment, including pond liners,

pond pumps, pondless waterfall supplies and pond lights. We’re proud to be the authorised Firestone and Aquascape provider in Australia and New Zealand.

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