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Aquaculture Pond Liners - Why EPDM is the Best Material

Aquaculture Pond Liners - Why EPDM is the Best Material

A durable and reliable pond liner is important in the aquaculture industry. When water is your livelihood, ensuring your pond is secure and waterproof is vital. At Aquascape Australia, we believe EPDM makes for the best aquaculture pond liners.

What is Aquaculture?

Aquaculture refers to the practice of rearing, breeding, growing, or harvesting organisms that exist in water environments. This can be plants, algae, fish, shellfish, or other aquatic organisms. This farming practice is a fast-growing food sector. Aquaculture can be performed in saltwater, freshwater, or within rivers.

Why is Aquaculture Important?Aquaculture produces food for human consumption. The process can be used to breed endangered or threatened species, and tends to be a sustainable, efficient, and environmentally responsible method of farming.

What is the Best Aquaculture Pond Liner?

A strong pond membrane is an important aquaculture material. We believe EPDM pond liner is the best membrane for aquaculture. Some of the pros of EPDM pond liner include:

  • Tough and durable: EPDM is incredibly durable rubber, meaning it can keep your pond waterproof and secure for many years.
  • Non-toxic: This material is non-toxic, making it ideal for fish and edible plant ponds.
  • Puncture-resistant: The strength of this type of liner means it is resistant to puncturing from the course ground below it or sharp rocks.
  • Flexibility: EPDM rubber is very flexible, and can be gently molded to fit a range of different-sized spaces.
  • UV-resistant: The UV-resistance of EPDM makes it ideally suited for Australian aquaculture ponds.

Pond liner

Why Choose Firestone EPDM Pond Liner?

Aquascape Australia is an authorised Australian supplier of Firestone EPDM Pondgard and Geogard pond liners. Firestone liners are a recommended liner for both commercial and residential ponds, offering reliability and peace of mind. There are many reasons why we believe you should choose a Firestone EPDM pond liner for your aquaculture pond.

  • Firestone pond liners have a 20-year guarantee; however, they have been known to last upwards of 40 years.
  • These liners are resistant to high temps, oxidation, frost, and UV exposure.
  • Firestone has over 100 years of experience in producing rubber polymers.
  • Is resistant to punctures.
  • A great option for durability and longevity.
  • Available in thickness options of either 1.02mm or 1.14mm.
  • Can be conformed to water shelves, vertical structures, and waterfalls.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • No special machines are needed for the installation process.
  • Firestone liners can be cut to size and joined together using QuickPrime Plus and QuickSeam Splice Tape.
  • Can be delivered straight from our online store to your home or business.
  • Safe for fish, animals, and humans.
  • More than 300 percent elongation, and flexible even at temperatures of -45°C.
  • Firestone EPDM requires very little ongoing maintenance throughout the years.

For more information on the benefits of EPDM Pond Liner, visit our page on our Firestone liners.

EPDM Pond Liner

Aquaculture Pond Liners in Australia

At Aquascape Australia, we are an authorised Australian supplier of Firestone EPDM pond liners. If you are interested in purchasing one of our aquaculture pond liners, have a browse of our website for a range of different options. Our team has been trained by Firestone. Need some advice or information regarding installing your Firestone liner? Get in touch with our helpful, friendly team today for assistance.

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