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Amazing New Turtle Pond

Amazing New Turtle Pond

We love to hear from our happy customers. Shane Felschow created an amazing new turtle pond with products and advice from Aquascape Suppllies Australia. Read his story below.

I have 2 turtles that are 32 years old, and after many years of being in their old pond, it needed a major upgrade. For many years, I had battled problems with green murky water, tree roots pushing through the liner and hail damage because the old liner was fully exposed.

So I approached Patrick and Meg at Aquascape Supplies Australia at Yandina QLD for some advice on how to approach building a new bigger and better pond and do it as a D.I.Y. 

Patrick and Meg gave me very professional advice to overcome all of my previous problems and supplied all of the products I needed to complete my project. These included pump and pump box, filtration boxes, tubing and fittings, a much thicker and stronger liner and geo underlay mat. 

While I was doing my construction, I had several problems arise, so with either a phone call or message to Patrick or Meg, they gave quick responses and set me on the right course again. So with all this advice and products, and a bit of hard work of course, I was able to complete my new turtle pond, and finish with a pond that I am so happy with and looks amazing . Also love the sound of the waterfall. 

PS. The turtles and goldfish love it.



Thanks for sharing your story Shane, I'm sure you've inspired many people with your superb work!

If you'd like to create a gorgeous backyard oasis, give us a call at Aquascape Supplies Australia - we have all the advice and equipment you need, including pond liners, water features & pond pumps.

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