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7 Outdoor Water Features for 2022

7 Outdoor Water Features for 2022

It's a brand new year, and what better time to start planning how you want your garden to look in 2022?! At Aquascape Australia, we have a large range of outdoor water features to choose from. Read on to find out about 7 exciting outdoor water features you might like to bring into your garden this year.

Fiberstone Decorative Fountains

Our fiberstone decorative fountains are a fantastic, low-maintenance water featurefor gardens large and small. These water feature fountainscome in a range of different sizes, from mini features for patios and smaller spaces through to large designs for bigger areas. We currently have three different types of fiberstone decorative fountains available; these are spheres, walls, and urns. Place a single urn in the centre of a garden, circle it with seating, and you will have a space for people to relax while they watch the water gently cascade down the water feature. Position a fiberstone wall feature along your fence line for an eye-catching design within a small space. Group several spheres of different sizes together for a breathtaking fountain water feature then surround it with plants for an attractive backdrop. The possibilities are near endless!

AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit

Whether you have a small patio that you'd like to add running water to, or a balcony or garden you'd like to create a tranquil space in, an AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit is an exciting, affordable option. The AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit comes with everything you need to create a beautiful, low-maintenance waterfall water feature. It can be used as a table top feature or as a self-contained miniature water feature for small spaces. These kits come with a container, plant and waterfall filter, water pump, waterfall light, expanded clay grow media, and decorative gravel. Simply add in your favourite water plants, maybe a small fish or two, and it's good to go.

Pondless Waterfalls

Pondless waterfalls are ideal for integrating in-ground water features into smaller areas. We have a variety of different kits available, allowing you to build your very own Pondless waterfall at home. Those with a larger space may like to add a stream to complete the look of their Pondless waterfall feature. Purchase a simple DIY Backyard Waterfall Kit, or go for something a little more extravagant with the Large Deluxe Pondless Waterfall Kit - 8m Stream. Regardless of the kit chosen, these Pondless kits are designed to look natural within their space, fitting in seamlessly.

Patio Ponds

Our patio ponds can be placed on a deck or incorporated into a garden setting. Their compact design makes them ideal for small spaces. They are lightweight (when empty), and easy to move around if required. You might like to place a patio pond alongside outdoor seating areas for an attractive water feature piece, or incorporate one into another water featureas a focal point. We have patio ponds available in a range of different shapes, sizes, and colours. You can even add a spitter or bamboo fountain to your patio pond for extra water movement.

Recreation Pond Kits

Looking to create a backyard water feature that you can also go for a swim in? Take a look at our recreation pond kits. A recreation pond uses both biological and mechanical filtration to keep the water clean and clear and perfect for swimming. Recreational ponds are great for larger backyards and garden spaces. Add in your favourite plants, fish, and rock work to create something truly unique and special. Recreation ponds are perfect for relaxing in during the summer months, for teaching kids about nature and ecosystems, and of course, as a stunning outdoor water feature. We currently stock two varieties of pond kits, the Recreation Pond Kit - 7m x 5m - 15% Wetland and the Recreation Pond Kit - 7m x 5m - 25% Wetland.

Fountain Spitters

Fountain spitters are a fun way to add moving water to a feature. They're perfect for putting the finishing touches on a recreation pond or other outdoor water feature. Made from high-quality polyresin that's resistant to UV rays and heat, our spitters allow you to easily add the calming sound of running water to your recreation pond. We stock a wide range of fountain spitters in our online store, from funny designs such as the Naughty Dog Spitter and Crazy Legs Frog Spitter, to elegant designs like the Dragonfly Spitter and Standing Crane Spitter.

Spillway Bowl & Basin

A spillway bowl & basin creates a stunning continuous flow outdoor water feature. Add floating water plants and small water fountains to the feature, or leave it plain and sculpt the garden around it. A spillway bowl & basin can be added to a patio, or built as a feature along a garden walkway, placed at the edge of a recreation pond, or positioned as the focal point of a garden. These outdoor water features are elegant and versatile. Keep it simple with a singular spillway bowl & basin or add multiple spillway bowls together to make something a little more elaborate.

How to Choose the Right Water Feature for Your Garden

There are a few ways to work out the right kind of water feature to bring into your garden. Firstly, consider the size of your space. If you have a small space, it's best to go for a smaller feature such as a patio pond, fiberstone decorative fountain, or spillway bowl & basin. If you have a larger garden, you may like to consider a feature such as a recreation pond or Pondless waterfall with stream. A larger space also affords you the option of adding multiple features, such as a recreation pond in the backyard and a spillway bowl & basin at the entrance of the property.

Another way to work out which type of outdoor water feature to get is by narrowing down on the style of garden you wish to create. For example, a garden built with young kids in mind may incorporate a range of fun spitters like the Naughty Dog Spitter or Lazy Frog on Lily Pad Spitter hidden about a pond. Alternatively, those looking to create an elegant space within their garden may wish to place a few fiberstone decorative fountains about, or build a Pondless waterfall that's flanked by plenty of stones and greenery. Or perhaps you're simply after a gorgeous focal point for your garden and want to add a captivating recreation pond that takes up most of the yard space.

Finally, consider how much maintenance is involved in keeping your water feature running smoothly. While our ponds use mechanical and biological filtration methods for lower maintenance, these larger water features can take a little extra work to maintain than a patio pond or fiberstone decorative fountain.

There are many different options to choose from when it comes to picking an outdoor water feature. Take a look through our range of water features on our online store and consider what suits your garden best before making your next purchase.

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