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3 Ways To Enhance Your Pond

3 Ways To Enhance Your Pond

Once you have a pond installed, your life immediately changes. That might sound dramatic, but it proves true. The natural beauty alone is an added benefit to any landscape, but along with that beauty comes peace, relaxation, new plants, and new pet fish. Water features create an outdoor experience that no other landscape element affords. Whether you’ve had your pond for many years or just a few months, you might find yourself wanting to tweak it for ultimate enjoyment.

Keep reading to see our top choices to enhance your pond with these easy add-on features.

1. Pond Lights

Watch your water garden come to life at night with underwater lighting. Tuck lights into the waterfall and enjoy the shimmering effect of the light on nearby bushes and trees. Place lights underwater to shine across the pond so you can see your fish during evening hours. In the spring, you’ll see frogs dart across the shadows of the pond’s surface. Warm white LED pond lights create special ambiance while our color-changing LED lights create a spectacular display!

2. Automatic Dosing System

It’s no question. If you have a pond, you’ll benefit from the Automatic Dosing System, which is an electronically-operated dispenser that accurately and consistently applies your choice of specially-formulated water treatments. You’ll no longer need to manually add Beneficial Bacteria or other treatments to your pond – the dosing system does it for you.

All you need to do is program the system to suit the size of your pond, and swap out treatments if there are specific water issues that need to be addressed. Otherwise, leave Maintain for Ponds in the doser for the majority of the season. Need help? Get in touch today for expert advice from staff who actually build ponds.

3. Decorative Spitters

Spitters add a touch of excitement and a flow of water to your water features. Decorate your pond or waterfall with a Toucan Spitter, Lazy Frog on Lily Pad Spitter, Naughty Dog Spitter or any of our many impressive spitters.

If you’re still dreaming of your first pond or water feature, it’s a great time to begin planning!

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