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10 Incredible Garden Water Feature Ideas for Your Home

10 Incredible Garden Water Feature Ideas for Your Home

Adding a water feature to your garden can be a great way to transform your space. Many water features are inexpensive and easy to install, meaning you don’t need to struggle to create the outdoor oasis you’ve always dreamed about.

In this blog, we take a look at some amazing garden water fountain feature ideas to inspire you!

1.A Cascading Water Fountain

hose who love the tranquillity of running water may be interested in installing a cascading water fountain. There are many different options to choose from for this water feature, from Spillway Bowls and Basins to Urns, Spheres, and even walls. These fountains use a pump and water basin system to recycle water

2.Exotic Koi Pond

An exotic koi pond can make a wonderful garden addition for those who love watching fish swim about. These water features can also be exciting for children, and are great for teaching kids more about nature. Koi ponds can be created in a variety of different sizes, with varying numbers of fish.

3.Zen Rock Pool

Another one of our garden water feature ideas is a Zen rock pool. Create a space specifically for relaxing and unwinding with sculpted, smooth rocks and peaceful water. You could also add a small waterfall to your Zen rock pool for some additional movement. Stack rocks atop each other, or place them side by side, customising your pool to suit the aesthetic you seek.

4.A Garden Bridge Over Water

Do you dream of having a pond or stream that has a cute little bridge over it? Why not put one in your own garden? Bridges are available in a range of different sizes, from those that are small and purely decorative through to bridges that can be used for getting from one side of a pond to the other.

5.Picturesque Water Wall

Our Stacked Walls allow for a myriad of garden water feature ideas for those with only a small space. These features are compact, letting you place a water feature in an area that may not fit larger designs. At Aquascape Australia, we have Stacked Walls that are small garden water features, and those that are larger features.

6.A Sprawling Swimmable Pond

Aquascape Australia can help create a luscious swimmable pond in your garden. Cool off in your very own swimming pond during the hot summer months, and bask in the peacefulness of nature during the winter. A swimming pond is a great place to teach kids about plants and animals, and a wonderful social hub for friends and family.

7. Water Fountain Urns

Water Fountain Urns are available in a range of different sizes and finishes. From mini designs through to large features, so you can choose a fountain that suits your sizing requirements. Urns also come in a variety of finishes, from our Large Rippled Urn to our Mini Stacked Slate Urn to our Medium Scalloped Urn

8.A Trickling Stream

To some, there is nothing more relaxing than a peaceful, trickling stream. If you are one such person, you may like to bring a stream into your backyard. Streams can be created in different styles and sizes, either as an extension of a pond or as part of a Pondless design. Streams can be added to a variety of spaces, so don’t think you need loads of space to incorporate one into your home!

9.Vibrant Underwater LED Lights

Underwater LED lightingis a great way to add a vibrant extra to your pond, stream, or waterfall! Lighting allows you to appreciate your water feature no matter the time of day or night. Lights are available in e.ther a single colour or with a colour-changing ability, which means you can choose the colour scheme and vibe you wish to portray night by night.

10.Pouring Bowls Water Feature

A Pouring Bowl is great for those who wish to have a pond in their garden or patio, but don’t have a lot of space to do so. Our Spillway Bowl and Spillway Basin can be combined to create a continuously circulating water feature. Fish and plants can be added to the feature. You can also combine multiple Spillways Bowls to create a larger feature.

The Best Garden Water Feature Ideas at Aquascape SuppliesWe hope you’ve enjoyed reading about some of our simple garden water feature ideas. Want help designing your garden water feature? Contact Aquascape Australia for expert water feature ideas plus a range of accessories and equipment.

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