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Pondless Waterfall Vault

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This product has been designed to integrate with the AquaBlox, meaning the installation process is simple. The Aquascape Pondless Waterfall Vault is designed for basins that use the Small AquaBlox. There are also optional Pondless Waterfall Vault Extensions for those that wish to create deeper basins using the Large AquaBlox.

The Pondless Vault has an extra wide opening which allows for easy access and a large interior which can fit a range of different pump sizes. These products can be incorporated into your water feature, along with your pond filter. The lid can easily be camouflaged, and the built-in water level inspection port means the device can be buried out of site.

At the base, the Pondless Vault is 43.2cm long and 58.4cm wide, and at the top it is 40.6cm wide and 40.6cm long. This product is 58.4cm high.

Owner's Manual and Instructions


Pondless® Waterfall Vault Pondless® Waterfall Vault Extension
Model Number 49000 49001
Maximum Flow Rate Up to 47,000 LPH
Access Opening Dimensions 41cm L x 41cm W 41cm L x 41cm W
Dimensions 59cm L x 43cm W x 65cm H 41cm L x 41cm W x 23cm H
Packaged Weight 6.35kg 2.3kg
Packaged Dimensions 59cm L x 46cm W x 57cm H 41cm L x 41cm W x 26cm H

The vault is designed to integrate with Aquascape AquaBlox®, effectively protecting pumps while making installation quick, precise, and simple. Its durable, rotationally molded, rounded polyethylene shape maximizes structural strength, while its large interior fits a wide range of pump sizes up to 47,000 Litres per hour.


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