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Proudly Australian family-owned and operated business
Proudly Australian family-owned and operated business

ASA 1/4hp Aeration Kit with 2 outlet manifold, 2 x Diffusers and 2 x 30m hose

SKU HC100A-2Set]
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The ASA Aeration Systems provide maximum aeration and circulation to lakes, dams and large ponds. The system utilises a shore-mounted Rocking Piston Compressor to deliver air to subsurface diffusers on the lakes bottom. The resulting column of rising bubbles circulates oxygen-rich water, eliminating stratification and improving the overall condition of your pond or lake. With increased oxygen and circulation, excess nutrients in the pond or lake are metabolised, resulting in cleaner water and less muck. 

Aeration circulates the water and increases oxygen, providing long-term benefits and reducing overall maintenance. Combine the Aeration Systems with Aquascape Lake Treatments to achieve a clean, clear, thriving aquatic ecosystem.

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