Transformer 150 - Watt Photocell


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A compact heavy duty  12 volt 150 watt transformer with in build photo cell switch and timer. The photo cell switch means that the  low voltage lights connected to the system will turn on when it gets dark - so depending on the season it could be 5 pm or 8 pm , when ever the sun goes down. Duration timer setting allows you to set the lights for a specific shut off time after dusk or all night if needs be.

Simply plug into any outdoor power point, set up and forget. Attach regular 12 volt lights or LED's.

Easy screw connect for attaching 12 volt cable that you can run under the mulch and around your pond or garden. Safe, simple and effective.

Weather proof, metal case and flip lid.

This unit will run all your lighting needs on a large pond including garden lights.


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