SiLution - 17kg - Silica solution for use with Diatomix


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The new product “SiLution™” is a paste that contains amorphous silica.  It can be used as a slow-release additive to ponds to ensure the reactive silica concentration stays high enough to make Diatomix and Diatomix IV optimally effective.  Each pack of SiLution™ is 17kg of product.

As a slow-release form of silica, it dissolves into water, but it does not degrade, so the silica will remain in circulation in your pond until the diatoms take it up, along with the Diatomix, and thereby reduce the concentration of ammonia, nitrate and phosphate.  This in turn assists to remove unwanted weeds and string algae. 

We recommend adding 400g of SiLution™ paste for every 10,000 litres of water in the pond.  It can be added throughout the pond system to ensure it spreads well.  It also helps if you place some in the water on a flat rock, so you can observe how well it is dissolving.  If you are monitoring the reactive silica concentration you should aim to keep the silica concentration between 3 and 10 mg/L, which is optimal.

Store SiLution™ at room temperature and keep the lid on to prevent it drying out.  If the product does start to look a light grey, or powdery, add some water to return it to a wet paste form.  The amorphous silica in SiLution™ can be dangerous if the dry powder is inhaled, so be sure to keep it moist.