Pond & Waterfall Foam Sealant - Black (16 oz / 454g)


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Black Waterfall Construction Foam has changed the way ponds, creeks and waterfalls are built . No more concrete or mortar.

This product is totally fish safe and has been used in koi and native fish pond construction for over 20 years. 

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Aquascape Pond and Waterfall Foam Sealant makes it easy to fill joints and gaps between rocks and boulders, maximising water flow in streams and waterfalls. There is no need for a foam gun with the easy-to-use spray can. The black polyurethane foam blends easily into rocks and gravel for a natural appearance. Ease of application makes it the perfect choice for the beginner or do-it-yourselfer. For the experienced installer, Aquascape Pond and Foam Sealant is convenient and economical for a quick touch-up on any project.

** Not available for shipping to New Zealand. Please visit**


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    Pond foam

    Posted by -Marcus Morrison on 4th Oct 2021

    Thanks awesome product I used it for filling up yep large spaces between rocks in a fix up of existing pond verry sticky used roller on second coat bubbled after a little membrane stuck to it hard to work with but truly good stuff thanks

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    Posted by Christopher J. Brice on 23rd Jul 2021

    This was my second order . The first I used when building my very first waterfall, I found the sealant easy to use, to control the application and being a novice user I quickly gained confidence not only in the product but how it helped me gain confidence to use the product.

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    Pond & Waterfall Foam Sealant - BLACK

    Posted by Chris on 29th Jun 2021

    For DIY and a novice Waterfall builder this product provided much needed confidence in what I was about to embark upon.

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    Pond and waterfall foam sealant - black (16ox/454g)

    Posted by Emily-Jayne on 19th Nov 2019

    Bought some a few months ago for a frog terrarium project. The curing time and strength of the product was great, HOWEVER. the nozzle came broken which resulted in the foam spraying from the base of the lid as well as the nozzel. Had to remove the plastic nozzel and use gloves to spread the foam. I'm sure mine was a one-off faulty product, but it was still an inconveneince. Wasted half the can as it would just spillout of the lid. Didn't return as I was on a time schedule, just used what I could. APART FROM THAT, the product cured well within 24 hours and within 30 hours was ready for carving back to allow silicone to stick to it. I recommend this product as the polyurethane did a great job, is water resistant, and is holding up well to high humidity.

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