Geyser Hi-Flow Water Pump - GHF-18000 (68,130lph)


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The Geyser Hi-Flow GHF-18000 Pump is a large water flow pump. It’s cutting edge design is unique to the market as it allows for very high flow of 68,130LPH whilst only using 10 amps. The Geyser Hi-Flow GHF-18000 pump has a 2HP / 1500 watt motor and a maximum head height of 12.1m. Suitable for, ponds, koi ponds, fish ponds, waterfalls, water gardens, water features, fountains, irrigation and sump pit. Made in Taiwan

Maximum Flow - 68,130 LPH 

Maximum Head - 12.2m 

Power Consumption - 2hp / 1500 watts - 10 amps

Connections - 3" 

Weight - 34kg

Dimensions - 34cm x 24cm x 64cm

Vertical Installation


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