Freshwater Mussels

Freshwater Mussels
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Freshwater Mussels

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The Floodplain Mussel is a native of Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria and a very tough, hardy species that thrives in still static water. This mussel will live and naturally breed to huge numbers in your ponds and help to keep your water clean.

Floodplain mussels (also known as the “freshwater mussel”, “balonne freshwater mussel”, “billabong mussel” or “slow-water mussel”) are large, brown-black bivalve molluscs that naturally live on the bottom of streams, dams, lakes and billabongs of Australia. They can naturally occur in huge numbers with over 100 adult mussels per square metre.

Freshwater mussels have important roles to play in pond or dam health, helping to keep a good standard of water quality. They feed by sucking water in through their ‘inhalant siphon’ and filtering out microscopic plankton, algae, bacteria and plant debris through their gills, then release cleaned, fresh water through their ‘exhalent siphon.’ They are natural biofilters processing large volumes of water (approx. 30-50L/mussel/day), removing large quantities of nutrients, and helping purify your water.