Contractor and Landscaper Memberships

Looking to start your own business? Want to expand your current business with new services and products? By following the Aquascape step-by-step installation process, your guesswork is eliminated and your success promoting, selling, and installing decorative water features grows. Get started with our training and you’ll be well on your way to healthy profits with a new revenue stream

We support landscapers & contractors with a trade discount on all Aquascape equipment, and are more than happy to offer free telephone support to landscapers and contractors that support us. To qualify for this discount you must be a registered industry business with an active ABN, these details must be prequalified by one of our staff before any such offering can be made.

We can also offer additional design works and installation support for projects. Simply send us the details of your project and we will put together the correct equipment and materials list to help you create it.

Should you wish to further your partnership with us, you can become an Australian Certified Aquascape Contractor and receive additional discounts off Aquascape equipment. (terms & conditions apply) to qualify for this please contact one of our team who can explain the process in more detail.

CAC's (Certified Aquascape Contractors) will also get the benefit of being on the Australian contractor locator so clients can find a professional pond & water feature installer in your area. This means more leads for you!

We can support you with educational program's and resources to help you grow. An online educational course is also available at Aquascape Academy A Landscaping Contractor is defined as having an active ABN and actively working in the Landscape/Construction Industry.

Please read through the Certified Aquascape Contractors PDF and then register below.

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(Once you are qualified by one of our staff as a Contractor or Landscaper please ensure you select your desired membership from the dropdown towards the bottom of the registration form)