Clean for Fountains & Waterfalls SL - 946ml


1L treatment pouches are being discontinued and replaced with the treatment bottles. Please click here and read our discontinuation notice to learn more.

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Aquascape Clean for Fountains and Waterfalls SL effectively cleans and clarifies fountains and fountain water to keep water features clean and clear while significantly reducing maintenance and issues with water quality. Clean for Fountains and Waterfalls SL is available in a 946ml bottle and designed for use with the Automatic Dosing System.

This special formulation is ideal for water features with standing water, including commercial fountains and other features containing fish or plants. This easy-to-use water treatment contains a fast-acting flocculant and phosphate binder to help clump and clear suspended debris. Clean for Fountains and Waterfalls SL also safely prevents and eliminates foam. Clean for Fountains and Waterfalls SL is safe for fish, plants, pets, and wildlife.