What Are the Best Pond Pumps in Australia?

21st May 2021

What Are the Best Pond Pumps in Australia?

Purchasing a good quality and reliable pond pump is important for maintaining a healthy pond. A pump helps circulate the water around, meaning aeration for your pond, allowing more oxygen for fish and plants. Aquascape Australia has a wide range of pumps available, to suit many different types of ponds and water features

1. EcoWave Pond Pumps

Our EcoWave Pond Pumps are magnetically-driven and ideal for providing high flow rates at low head heights. These pumps are ideal for both ponds and waterfalls, and their magnetic motor technology and vortex-style impeller provides fantastic electrical efficiency. We have both the EcoWave 2000(8000 LPH) Pond Pump and the EcoWave 5000 (20,000 LPH)Pond Pump, both of which come with a 3-Year Limited Warranty. EcoWave Pond Pumps can be installed tool-free for a quick and simple fitting process.

2.AquaSurge Pond Pumps

This pump can be used in ponds, Pondless waterfalls, and other water features. It uses asynchronous motor technology for energy efficiency, and can be used in either a vertical or horizontal position. The AquaSurge range has an oil-free design that prevents pond contamination, and a variety of fittings are included for easy installation. These pond pumps do not corrode or rust, and their rubber feet help to prevent noise and vibration.

3.Aquaforce Pond Pumps

The protective pre-filter cage and wide, flat base of the Aquaforce Pond Pump allows for the pump to be positioned directly into the pond. This pond pump is highly energy efficient, oil-free, and has a high-torque performance. The protective pump cage means the pump can handle solids that are up to ¼ of an inch in size, which helps to prevent clogging which in turn reduces maintenance. Each Aquaforce pump comes with a 3-Year Limited Warranty.

4.ASA Low Voltage Pond Pumps

Our range of Aquascape Australia Low Voltage Pond Pumps are ideal for those after a small pond pump. This range includes the Ultra 400 (1500 LPH) and Ultra 800 (3000 LPH) pumps, and the Resun King 3AFLV (4000 LPH) Low Voltage Fountain Pump. Low voltage pond pumps are suited for smaller ponds and water features.

5.ASA 20,000 LV Pump

This pump can be used in ponds, Pondless waterfalls, and other water features. This pond pump is ideal for larger recreation ponds where low voltage power consumption is a safer option. This pond pump comes with a 5-year warranty on pump and controller and a 2 year warranty on power supply/transformer.

6. Ultra Water Fountain Pumps

The Ultra Water Fountain Pumps are great for use in smaller ponds or decorative fountains. Our range includes the Ultra 240v Fountain Pumps and Ultra Low Voltage Fountain Pumps. The Ultra 240v Fountain Pumps are available in sizes from 680LPH through to 8500LPH, and each uses an oil-free design to prevent pond contamination. 

Find the Best Pond Pumps at Aquascape Australia

At Aquascape Australia, we have some of the best pond pumps in Australia, available for consumer purchase via our online store. View our full range of high-quality pond pumps online. The expert team at Aquascape can also provide assistance with designing and installing your pond and installing any additional accessories for your pond or water feature.

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