Featured Contractor: NatureBuild

6th Dec 2018

Featured Contractor: NatureBuild

Daniel O'Callaghan is the owner/operator of NatureBuild and has always had a deep love and appreciation of nature where he grew up climbing trees, rocks and playing in creeks while growing up on horse farms throughout South Australia, New Zealand and Victoria. His Career in Carpentry has led him to start his own business, now focusing on doing the work that he loves revolving around Timber, Stone and Water Features.

NatureBuild is located in Central Victoria and focuses on building nature inspired features such as Natural Ecosystem ponds, disappearing waterfalls, heavy timber arbours/pergolas and bridges, using new and recycled materials.
The NatureBuild team have a huge passion for working with stone, timber and water to create amazing spaces for their clients to enjoy. 

Based in: Castlemaine
Directed by: Daniel O'Callaghan

Ph: 0422 371 020