3 Easy Ways To Enhance Your Pond

18th May 2023

3 Easy Ways To Enhance Your Pond

If you're lucky enough to have a pond in your backyard, you know the peacefulness and beauty it brings to your landscape. But why stop there? Enhance your pond experience with these easy add-on features. Here are our top picks:

Pond Lights

Transform your water garden into a nighttime oasis with underwater lighting. Highlight the shimmering waterfall or illuminate the fish swimming beneath the surface with warm white or colour-changing pond lights. You'll enjoy a unique ambiance that only water features can provide.

Automatic Dosing System

Take the hassle out of pond maintenance with a Smart Control Dosing System. This electronically-operated dispenser accurately applies water treatments to keep your pond healthy and clear. Program the system to suit your pond size and let it do the work for you.

Decorative Spitters

Add some excitement to your water feature with a decorative spitter. Choose from a variety of styles, like the toucan spitter, lazy frog spitter, or dragonfly spitter, to match your taste and style.

Enhancing your pond with these three easy add-ons will elevate your outdoor space to new levels of relaxation and beauty.